Case Study - Brand Refresh

Peerless Brewery

The Challenge
Peerless Brewery is a multi-award winning independent microbrewery. Since restructuring the business in 2009, their brewing and distribution has gone from strength to strength. To capitalise on this mounting success, Peerless wanted to refresh and modernise their visual identity with the aim of creating a brand which would allow for increased sales of bottled and draught ales nationwide.

The Solution
Working closely with the Peerless team to fully understand the history and values of their business, we designed a brand that is bold and striking, while remaining recognisably Peerless. We conducted in-depth research into the microbrewery industry, fully understanding the target audience and the elements which influence their buying decisions.

The huge growth of microbreweries in the UK meant that shelf presence was a crucial factor when considering concepts for the new branding. By immersing ourselves in the Peerless brand story, we were able to create a range of products that stand out on the shelf, including logos, bottle labels, keg fonts and pump clips for each beer within the Peerless range; along with the design of beer mats, bottle boxes, and branded email templates.

Image of 3 Peerless Brewery bottles: Triple Blond, Pale and Full Whack Close up image of 3 Peerless Brewery bottles: Triple Blond, Full Whack and a zoom in on Pale Image of Peerless Brewery branded cardboard cut out box showing 2 Peerless bottles with a branded glass in the middle
Working with the team at Zircom was a pleasure and we are delighted with the outcome of our brand refresh. The new beers and designs are key marketing moves in our business strategy to grow sales across the UK.
We have continued to use Zircom’s design across several aspects of our business including bottle labels, keg fonts, pump clips, beer mats, packaging and email marketing campaigns.
Managing Director, Peerless Brewery


We developed new Peerless identity, with a new logo, distinctive style and unified colour palette to ensure consistency across the whole range of Peerless products. When designing the Peerless logo, we were conscious to maintain a relationship with the original design, bringing in a more contemporary look and feel- allowing us to retain brand loyalty and goodwill from exisiting shoppers and consumers while reaching out to a new audience.

The new logo retained the oval shape and Peerless orange colour, while adding the anchor motif as a subtle nod to the local ship building community that surrounded the Peerless traditional brand herritage.

Peerless Brewery logo

Peerless Brewery pump clips

The initial brand refresh of Peerless included:

  •  Pump clips for each product to market the cask ales, enhancing front of bar branding.
  • A unified set of bottle labels, to provide a new look and feel for Peerless bottles. Due to the extensive growth of micro-breweries in the UK supermarkets now offer a large selection of real ales; because shelf standout was imperative, creating a distinctive look and feel with the bottle branding was vital.
  • Keg fonts to connect onto the keg dispense unit, the fonts provide a traditional feature in pubs and bars nationwide.