John Hogg

Branding – Marketing Strategy and Planning

John Hogg are a technical services provider. They work hard to help regulate and protect the integrity of the fuel and lubricants business.

In 2018, John Hogg tasked us with creating a product user manual and gave the green light to push the boundaries of their brand guidelines. As we relish any opportunity to flex our creative muscles, we created a manual that portrayed the John Hogg brand but was also unlike anything that they had ever produced before; taking full advantage of the colour, graphics and copy at our disposal.

What has come from this boundary pushing piece of work is a relationship in which John Hogg have entrusted the repositioning of their brand from technology provider to technical services provider to Zircom.

We have worked together to ensure their customer value proposition is representative of John Hogg’s strengths and ambitions as a business. Once we were certain that we had this right, we created a brand and a suite of marketing collateral that perfectly complemented their unique positioning.