Case Study - Web Design


The Challenge
Auger is a national drainage investigation and repair company, who work within the insurance industry. Although they had grown to be a market leader in the industry, their digital presence still suggested a smaller, less corporate organisation. Their underdeveloped web presence was creating a clear disconnect, which undermined the hard work they had put into building an impressive reputation.

The Solution
In order to accurately reflect the size and professionalism of Auger, we set about creating a web presence with a clear, consistent and corporate brand.
The insurance industry can be portrayed as complex and confusing, therefore we designed a brand that was warm, friendly and approachable, and this was subsequently reflected in their user experience.

Using a heavily-visual style augmented by interactive animations, we created a responsive web experience which was intuitive yet playful. The uncluttered and warm style not only repositioned Auger’s digital presence as a leader in its field, but also conveyed the values of customer-focus and high customer service at the heart of the Auger business.

Image showing a preview of Auger's website Image of Auger's website displayed on a tablet and an iPhone showing it's mobile responsive
I love the modern and fresh style Zircom brought to my website – the use of animation and illustration really tells the professional side of my business, without becoming overly complicated. The integration with my blog means it couldn’t be simpler for me to keep things up to date with the latest news from my business.
Overall, Zircom were easy to work with and provided an exceptional service... I couldn’t be happier!


Auger's site navigation

Clear and Simple Messaging

The drainage insurance is often perceived as unapproachable and confusing, therefore our uncluttered and heavily-visual style explains every element of Auger’s service with simple, easy-to-understand illustrations.

Warm, Approachable Style

With reactive design and a palette containing cool blues and light shades to reflect the aquatic themes of the business, highlighted with tones of green to add warmth, the visual style supports the customer focused values of the Auger business.

Auger's colour palette