The rise of GoPro – Capturing millions of meaningful life experiences


Nick Woodman, the billionaire adventurer behind GoPro has brought camera technology to new heights. There is no longer a need to carry around bulky stands with giant cameras to capture your best holiday moments or greatest sporting achievements.

The GoPro camera doesn’t include the high specification and advanced features of the SLR camera, nor is it intended for those moments of spontaneously taking a quick snap, that’s what we all use our smartphones for.

In the words of Nick Woodman: ‘GoPro’s opportunity is to help people capture meaningful life experiences in an engaging and immersive way that they can’t with a smartphone…When you watch it, it’s like reliving that experience.’

GoPro has become so successful, it has become a verb, just like Google. So why is GoPro becoming the go-to camera for so many?

Known as a ‘life-capturing device,’ these cameras are affordable, easy-to-use and can be attached to almost anything, creating a target audience of millions worldwide. The same device is being used for endless reasons: surgeons performing operations; the military for training; families capturing their children’s first moments; and surfers sharing their latest stunts. The resilient GoPro has even captured plane crashes and attempted armed robberies. Even our Head of Design, Dan Burns used a GoPro to film his wedding reception!

This product is by no means new to the market, with GoPro creating its first camera in 2002; but its popularity has since soared as video marketing, vlogging and Vine have become increasingly popular, both for commercial and personal use.

Social Media has quickly become an obsession for many of us with the need to share our most exciting or even most monotonous moments. GoPro provides us with a way to share even more of our lives, creating videos which we can upload to YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram and Vine.

So what’s in the store for the future of GoPro?

In a recent WIRED article Woodman mentioned an app that he is developing to allow the user to offload content:

‘So when you are charging (the camera), the content goes to the cloud and becomes accessible to any connected device running the app. Upon watching it (on your mobile) it is important you have easy edit tools to turn that raw footage into something shareable — because at that moment, that is when you are going to be most inclined to do something. You will share 10, 20, 50 times as much content a year as you do today, because it is so difficult today.’

Not sure about you but we’re excited for what GoPro, America’s fastest growing camera company will bring to the technology table in the next few years!

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