Top Brands making the most of Hyperlapse


Social network Instagram launched an app this summer which has proven to be a big hit for a number of brands worldwide.

The app called Hyperlapse has the ability to capture high quality time lapse videos even while in motion. The app, available to every iPhone user has a cinematic look and feel without the need for expensive cameras and complex video editing software.

To begin simply open the app and go straight to the camera, tap once to begin recording and tap again to stop. Choose your preferred playback speed and tap the green check mark to save it your camera roll. You can then share your video directly on to on Instagram.

Several of the world’s top brands have already jumped on the craze, here are some of our favourite videos:

1. Oreo
Oreo have made clever use of content filmed by a fan in California unwrapping her #minidelivery. A perfect example of how this app can transform even the simplest of footage into a creative campaign.


2. Disney Land
This video of the teacups in high speed, though enough to make you nauseous, will undeniably bring back a flood of happy childhood memories.


3. The White House
This (whirlwind) tour of the iconic building is not to be missed.


4. National Aquarium
The National Aquarium have given us a beautiful and colourful glimpse into one of its shark tanks, a short thrill that can all be enjoyed from behind the safety of an iPhone screen.


5. Ellen Show
How often do you get to go behind the scenes at your favourite show? We loved feeling like a VIP, even if it only lasted for 15 seconds…


Hyperlapse has brought a lot excitement into the world of photography and it is only a matter of time before brands everywhere will be taking advantage of the opportunity for unique creations.

We have some great ideas for Hyperlapse videos so watch this space…